Welcome to GridVest Sdn Bhd Malaysia

GridVest Sdn Bhd Malaysia has a team of very experienced key professionals with extensive hands-on from various backgrounds in the telecommunication and ICT industry. With over one hundred years of experience, this management team is able to provide solutions for telecommunication service providers, facilities development, management, consultancy and outsourcing.

For areas of the subsea, GVSB is harnessing its expertise together with its strategic partners who have had an extensive experience in the construction of submarine fibre optic cable systems in shallow and deep waters. The facilities are located in the west coast of the Peninsular of Malaysia. The facilities are full-fledged and have been tested in many submarine cable laying for both domestic and international submarine cable owners.


GRIDVEST SDN BHD has the expertise in providing consultations in the areas of development of telecommunication facilities

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GRIDVEST SDN BHD, in collaboration with its strategic partners, are able to provide the required engineering services for electrical and mechanical facilities...

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We are capable of developing and providing operations and maintenance services to the telecommunication industry.

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